Computer Repair & Service Agreement

    1. Lenny’s Computer Services (hereinafter LCS) will only perform and provide computer services, repairs, and upgrades as requested by the Client. LCS will conduct honest, reasonable, and considerate services. The goal is to provide the highest quality of service and support, but specific results cannot be guaranteed.
    2. Computer service/repairs are provided as a service. There may be circumstances under which the Client’s computer cannot be repaired. It will have to be rebuilt or upgraded. (Examples: Age of PC, repair/replacement parts obsolete (memory chips, motherboards, etc.)
    3. The length of time required to service/repair your computer cannot be predicted. (See section 2.1 below)
    4. The Client understands that in the process of working on your computer equipment, there is a potential for data loss. You agree that you have made the necessary backups of your data so that, in the event of such loss, the data can be restored. LCS will not be responsible for data loss. (See section 4.4 below)
    5. The Client authorizes the technician(s) providing the service or repair to install anti-virus and any other necessary software on your computer to perform required services. All software will be deleted / uninstalled upon completion of the service (unless purchased).
    6. All remote repair services are subject to the terms in this agreement.
    7. After a repair conducted at LCS’s office is complete, the Client must take delivery of computer within 2 business days or a storage fee of $5.00 per day will be assessed.
    1. Computer services/repairs are billed as stated on the service order or invoice provided. Services are charged at an hourly rate of $75.00 per hour. The minimum charge for an hourly service is 1 hour ($75.00 + tax [if applicable]).
    2. For all in-home/on-site visits 20+ miles away from the office, there will be a mileage expense applied using the current standard mileage rate.
    3. There is a minimum charge of $75.00 for any On-Site call made or any service performed.
    4. An estimate of cost for work can be provided before performing computer services/repairs if requested. Estimates are not guaranteed.
    5. Not all services can be completed on-site and must be completed at our office.
    6. In the case that there is an unforeseen deviation, beyond the above estimated amount, every effort will be made to contact you and inform you of the situation and receive authorization to continue or stop at the estimate limit.
    7. In the case that the Client cannot be reached, work will stop until contact is established. Once reached, the Clients decision to continue or stop will be honored by LCS.
    8. All services/repairs may be subject to North Carolina State Sales Tax.
    9. For all repair services paid before commencement of work, and if for any reason the Client is unhappy or we cannot complete the service, a full or partial refund may be issued at discretion of LCS.
    1. Full payment is due upon completion of services, upgrades, or repairs.
    2. Computer parts, hardware, or/and software that are ordered or special ordered must be paid in advance.
    3. LCS accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. Note: Checks are cleared within 24 hours as an eCheck. A $30.00 service fee will be charged for any returned check with NFS and credit card payments may have a 4.0% transaction fee included to the total amount of the bill.
    4. In order for LCS to keep its rates low, payments must be made promptly. Bills will be deemed delinquent and assessed a $25.00 charge if payment is not received within 14 days after the completed service date. If an amount remains delinquent 30 days after completed service date, an additional 25% penalty of original balance will be added for each week of delinquency. LCS reserves the right to report delinquent payment to credit bureau(s) and collection agencies in attempts to recover payment. If deemed necessary, LCS reserves the right to take the Client to court to recover costs in which the Client will incur all fees by the process.
    1. Service(s) are provided in an effort to fix, upgrade, or otherwise repair the computer system(s) for which the Client or authorized representative requested such service(s).
    2. Your system will not be intentionally harmed. The primary goal is to fix your computer or systems, not create or cause further damage.
    3. In the case of accidental damage of data to your system or data loss caused by already existing problems in your system such as viruses, bad configured software, or hardware problems/failures, the Client agrees to hold LCS and any person(s) associated with LCS or involved in the work being done for the Client harmless from damages resulting from such problems.
    4. It’s the Client’s responsibility to backup data unless listed on the Service Order. LCS will not be responsible for data loss. (See Section 1.4 above)
    1. Customer satisfaction is our utmost importance.
    2. All services will be conducted in a professional, reasonable and timely manner. Also, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the technical problems.
    3. Free support will be provided for problems to be resolved from the service order, but not resolved. After seven (7) days from completed service date, LCS will no longer offer free support.
    4. Warranty work will only be covered if it is related to the work on the Service Order. Unrelated work will not be covered by the warranty and may be charged accordingly.
    1. All services and repairs are guaranteed for seven (7) days from the completion / acceptance date on the Service Order.
    2. If later found that the service or repair was incorrectly diagnosed by the technician. Then LCS will perform the repair/service free of any labor charge. Only the new parts will be charged.
    1. LCS offers free estimates over the phone, at office, or via email.
    2. For in-home/on-site estimates there will be a $50.00 fee. If you decide at that time you would like LCS to work on the Client’s system, this fee will be waived and the Client will only be charged for the service being performed. (see Section 2.1 above).
    3. A $25.00 fee will be charged if the Client fails to show up at scheduled appointment without an eight (8) hour cancellation notice.
    4. Customers are asked to not interrupt the technician as the evaluation and estimate are completed. Save all additional questions until after you receive the estimate.
    5. If the Client decides at the time of the in-home service call you would not like LCS to fix their computer or systems; the Client will be charged the $50.00 service call fee and will have to pay for the full price of any service performed in the future (the fifty-dollar fee will not be waived).